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Corn with miso butter and bacon, haiku style, and more sweet corn recipes

Here's a few more corn recipes to try, and a haiku version of one featured in today's Buffalo News.

Here's a simple-as-anything East Hampton Corn Pudding.

Also from Saveur, John T. Edge's recipe for Corn Relish.

For a soup that tastes of summer, try Corn Soup with Basil Oil from

The corn with miso butter and bacon has become one of the few recipes rendered in haiku. It can be found in Lucky Peach, a magazine labeled "The new food quarterly from Momofuku's David Chang."

Corn with Miso Butter and Bacon by Peter Meehan, in Lucky Peach

Render the bacon,
Add the corn. Jump and sizzle
As gold turns to brown.

Miso and butter
Join'd in equal proportions
Plop! Into the pan.

Splash stock, then toss. Glaze.
Crack slow-poached egg to crown like
Hokkaido sunset.


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