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Business lobby lines up against Buffalo food truck proposal

Carl Paladino leading the fight against Buffalo food trucks caught some attention recently, but Buffalo's biggest landlord isn't the only business establishment force warning the Buffalo Common Council against allowing food trucks to operate freely in Buffalo.

A newly emerged lobbying group of "Buffalo business and restaurant owners" has warned the council that Council Member Joseph Golombek's proposed food truck regulation contradicts Buffalo zoning law in numerous ways, citing the kinds of contradictions that make new regulations vulnerable to lawsuits. 

"Entrepreneurs for a Better Buffalo" suggests a "committee or advisory board" be established to go through all the zoning problems and other legal issues before any legislation is passed.

The group's name has never been mentioned in The Buffalo News before yesterday's News story, where it was briefly mentioned. It has apparently prepared an online petition, without signatures at publication time, to gather supporters of its suggestion for a committee to be formed.

You can read its letter detailing numerous objections to proposed food truck law here. (Scroll down to second window, it starts at page two.)

Food truck supporter Alan Bedenko saw it this way: "This being Buffalo, an ad hoc, undisclosed group of “concerned” businesses has united to hire a lawyer and actively oppose the food trucks, running them out of business completely."

Bedenko has called for interested people to suggest a brief outline of fair food truck regulation, and noted that the City Council food truck law public hearing is Thursday. (10 a.m., Sept. 29, Room 1417 City Hall).

The hearing isn't to bash Paladino, Bedenko wrote, "but instead to craft reasonable, rational, and fair regulations that will allow the food trucks to operate more freely in the city (but outside the downtown core), and also protect existing brick & mortar restaurants."


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