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Around the world in 55 food blogs, from Algeria to Vietnam

Saveur magazine's web staff has curated a tasty selection of food blogs from around the globe. It's an enthralling culinary journey, with no passport needed. Of course, you may find yourself hungry for dishes you've never tasted, but that's the risk you take. And also the point.

Helen Rosner writes:

These writers are committed to celebrating regional recipes, restaurants, techniques, and ingredients; we draw on their sites as culinary guides to everyday life in specific places all over the globe. (We're also moved by how many region-specific sites are written by expats who maintain a connection with their homeland through food: Korean cooks living in Australia, Greek cooks living in the Netherlands, Indian cooks living in Peru, and more.)

(Via Metafilter, where readers pitch in with excellent suggestions the editors didn't list, including more vegetarian and vegan-centric blogs.)


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