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Buffalo gets its own restaurant gossip blog, Dining Rumor

In September, Dining Rumor had its soft opening. The blog's anonymous author, pen name Dining Roomer, wrote: "It has been said that Buffalo is not a small town, it's a large room."

And Dining Roomer has been publishing stuff hot off the chit-chat telegraph. There's ruminations on the future of Buffalo's restaurants, too, and even a long, thoughtful interview with Corey and Cheryl Kley, who took over Rue Franklin recently. (Here's Jane Kwiatkowski's interview with the retiring Joel and Andree "DeDee" Lippes.)

But Dining Rumor's core content, so far, seems to be largely unsourced mentions of business deals, grudges, plans and speculation involving restaurant types of all stripes, often by name. You know, gossip.

Which raises pressing questions:

* Can I officially say "Buffalo restaurant scene" without air quotes now?

* Can the food papparazzi be far behind? (Pretty please.)

* How long before the posse rides out in search of Dining Roomer? Keep your head down, man (or ma'am). You say you're a front-of-the-house type. Just remember that as a species, cooks have cleavers, pots of boiling oil, and various levels of impulse control.


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