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Nickel City Chef breaks out competition dishes for Sample menu Friday

   Fans of the Nickel City Chef cooking competition, Buffalo's own version of "Iron Chef,"
have a rare opportunity to feed their curiosity.

   Nickel City Chef Adam Goetz of Sample (242 Allen St., 883-1675), will present a menu of his
competition dishes on Friday, Dec. 2. As part of the Nickel City Chef "home team," Goetz has taken on
challenging chefs in a battle to create dishes from a locally-grown mystery ingredient in 60

   Usually, the only people who get to taste their efforts are the judges.

   On Friday night, though, Sample's menu will include Quail Egg Ravioli with Housemade Ricotta,
from the Ricotta Challenge, and Maple Braised Short Ribs from the Maple Challenge. Dessert,
from NCC's Duck Egg Challenge, is especially ornate. The egg's white was transformed into
coconut meringue, its yolk into lemon curd, and reassembled to resemble a sunny-side-up egg,
complete with grated cocoa "pepper."

   Goetz will also be signing copies of the show's cookbook, "Nickel City Chef: Buffalo's
Finest Chefs & Ingredients,"
released this fall. The book ($24.95, 112 pages softcover,
Buffalo Heritage Unlimited) contains Goetz's maple short ribs recipe and 31 more created by
competitors. It comes with a DVD with a documentary that goes behind-the-scenes at Nickel City
Chef, tracing its roots from field to kitchen.



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