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It's Pierogi Love Night at Ukrainian Club

The Ukrainian-American Civic Center (Narodnij Dim) welcomes Ukrainians, and those not fortunate enough to be born Ukrainian, for "a ritual of late winter," Pierogi Love Night.

Tonight, the flavors of Ukraine will be offered at 205 Military Road, near Hertel, at "serious Glasnost pricing." There's pierogi, $6, holubtsi (cabbage rolls) $4, and borscht with vyshky (dumplings) $2, plus combinations.

Not to mention Ukrainian beer, a DJ, the chance of getting your photograph taken against a handpainted Ukrainian backdrop, and more. Cash only.

Remember: this is a social club first, not a restaurant. "How To Order:" the event listing says. "Grab a menu from a table or the bar. Place your order at the door in the rear. 'Waitress' will bring you your food."

So if it takes a few minutes to get fed, relax and socialize, and you'll survive. 


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