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Bistro Europa's love of lard celebrated on Gourmet magazine's site

Prominent Manhattan food writer and Buffalo restaurant scene booster Regina Schrambling featured Bistro Europa Chef Steve Gedra's pig fat fixation in an article for Gourmet Live, the famed food magazine's web site.

At Europa, 484 Elmwood Ave., diners get whipped lard seasoned with lemon zest and red wine vinegar instead of butter with the basketof house-made bread. “We kind of force it on our clientele,” Gedra told Schrambling, adding: “It’s like with kids—they think they don’t like it and then they try it. You gotta educate ’em.”

Rich Tilyou, of T-Meadow Farm in Lockport, turns up as well, describing why leaf lard - from the fat around a pig's kidneys - is particularly good for baking. Catch the complete article here.


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