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Forget wings and weck - Toronto writer eats the good stuff in Buffalo

Having worked in serious kitchens for a decade, Ivy Knight writes about the Toronto restaurant scene and Canadian food from a cook's point of view. With her husband Kerry, she writes for the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star, and lots of other publications, plus Swallow Food, their own site.

So with the Greater Toronto Area as her oyster, she doesn't lack the opportunity to tickle her taste buds. Count her among those celebrating Buffalo's attractiveness to culinary tourists.

"I’ve been to Buffalo half a dozen times and I’ve never once eaten chicken wings there. I’ve had fluke crudo, Tamworth chops, Bourdain’s last meal (a dish containing foie & pork belly), steak tartare, wild oysters from Martha’s Vineyard, 11 month old prosciutto … but not a single chicken wing."

Of course, one recurring problem tourist attractions is, how can you get the locals to recognize what they have? Unless you're the Louvre or the Pyramids, it's the locals that pay the bills in slack times. Which made me think of Niagara Falls. How it's not unusual to meet someone who grew up 30 minutes away, and has never bothered to go see the mighty waterfall.


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