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Chicken schnitzel, shawarma worth the trip at Amherst's Falafel Bar

Falafel bar chicken schnitzel

Schnitzel used to be classified as a German thing, in my encyclopedia of eating experiences, until I got to Falafel Bar's new location, at 3047 Sheridan Drive, Amherst. (I mistakenly used the old address in the newspaper version, an error I regret.)

At Falafel Bar, Oded Rauvenpoor and his cooks turn out crispy chicken cutlets flecked with toasty sesame seeds (as in the photo above). Schnitzel just like his mother used to make, said Rauvenpoor, who's from Israel. You can get it as a sandwich, or as a $13 plate with vegetables and your choice of potatoes or rice.

The chicken is remarkably greaseless but still crunchy, everything chicken fingers should be but never are.

Falafel bar chicken shawarma cropped

The chicken shawarma was a revelation as well. The Middle Eastern classic sandwich meat hasn't been done often in Western New York. It tends to dry out fast, so I've usually regretted ordering it. Not this time: Rauvenpoor's version was probably the best I've had in the 716, flavorful and drizzled with tahini sauce. It's available as a sandwich, or another $13 plate with salad and potatoes or rice.

Either of those dishes are enough reason to poke your head into the new Falafel Bar.


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