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Jolie Zhou offers 'real Chinese dumplings' at NT Farmers Market

Jolie zhou dumpling lady at north tonawanda farmers market

In yesterday's Out to Eat column, I introduced readers to Jolie Zhou, a Chinese woman from Changchun who's offering handmade dumplings at the North Tonawanda Farmers Market.

Her stand is at the northern edge of the market, which is at Robinson and Payne streets.

She might be sold out by the time you read this, but she'll be back next week. She tries to bring several varieties, including meat, fish and vegetarian types, and they run $7-$9 for 10. They're boiled or frozen, but she points out that you can fry the boiled ones at home if you prefer them that way.

My father had some of her beef-and-ginger dumplings for breakfast. Good choice, he said.


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