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Buffalo Eats: Here's Vietnamese places that'll add flavor to your weekend menu

Alli Suriani, who runs the Buffalo Eats media empire with husband Donnie Burtless, has suggestions on where to eat this weekend. Here's her rundown of Vietnamese dining options available to Western New Yorkers.

Her article is well worth a read. I would add that Niagara Seafood had commendable fried quail the last time we were there. 99 Fast Food's grilled pork on rice has never disappointed. I don't think you can get Vietnamese at Sun Restaurant Buffalo anymore, but its expanded Burmese menu has lots of reasons to go exploring.

But no Buffalo pho discussion would be complete at this point without mentioning Kaydara Noodle Bar (777 Main St., 768-0038) which hasn't been open a month, gotten more online than a Facebook page, or started seating customers. Yet even as takeout, the pho has drawn raised eyebrows from people who are not easy to impress. (I haven't yet eaten there myself.)



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