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From Burma to Black Rock: the story behind Buffalo's first Burmese restaurant

Like many Buffalonians, I first met Kevin Lin as the sushi guy at the Amherst Street Wegmans. He was donating his sushi-making skills to Buffalo Meets Burma, a fundraiser for the International Institute of Buffalo.

At the time, I was surprised to learn of the breadth of the Burmese immigration to Buffalo. I got a chance to talk to Kevin and his wife Stephanie a year later, after they opened their grocery-restaurant at 1989 Niagara St. I thrilled to their cuisine in a Cheap Eats review, despite the pedestrian setting. Their first menu hid Burmese dishes under the "Vietnamese" heading, because they didn't know how the food they loved would play in Buffalo.

Turns out Buffalo digs Burmese. The Lins decided to tear out the grocery and aim to become a Burmese restaurant with Thai dishes too.

When the Lins explained how they got there, I figured it was a tale worth telling. Today's Taste cover story, following their recent reopening as Sun Restaurant Buffalo, follows their journey from Dawei to Western New York.

The Burmese dish selection, based on Stephanie's recipes, has expanded significantly. For anyone who wants to try a little Burmese culture firsthand, the Lins have provided a delicious opportunity.


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