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See how small touches, careful cooking elevated dinner at Amaretto Bistro

Standing out from the other nominally Italian restaurants in Western New York takes effort, and Amaretto Bistro, reviewed in today's Buffalo News, does it with small touches.

An amuse bouche.


A slice of cool potato, dab of creme fraiche, caviar. Just to wake up your mouth and get you thinking.

Bread basket, homemade Italian and addictively crispy "lavash."


The olive oil steeped with herbs and garlic didn't hurt.

The risotto was cooked accurately, neither chalky nor mushy.


The pork chop was huge, but that's not all that rare.


What was unusual was a moist yet fully cooked chop, caramelized on the outside.


I didn't mention it in the review, but there's even a morsel of chocolate, gratis, before the check.

Little touches.



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