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The scariest jack-o-lantern ever, and more Christie pumpkin art

Andrew o lantern mulville pic
(Photo by Mark Mulville)

When people see the pumpkin that Chris Christie carved in my likeness, many ask, once they stop laughing, is this guy some sort of artist? Christie, who works as a United Parcel Service supervisor, will tell you no, he's no artist. Alexx, the other chief pumpkin antagonist in their multi-carver family, will say the same thing.

Methinks they doth protest too much.

Here's Alexx's Bills jack-o-lantern. He said it took maybe three hours, from printing the picture from a website, making the stencil, and  carving it right down to the SPILLER on the jersey. Our picture was taken first; you can see the final version on Alexx's Facebook page.


Here's Ryan Miller, by Alexx, from last year:

Jack o lantern ryan miller closeup 2011-10-27_03-10-17_797

Chris did Twilight's Edward last year:

Jack o lantern twilight edward 13844_190847384739_609089739_3908205_688047_n


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