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Artist-baker Zilly Rosen putting Zillycakes up for sale

Zilly Rosen, who led an Elmwood Avenue cake shop that won attention for its elaborate designs, is getting out of the cake business.

The main reason for selling Zillycakes, she said, is more time with her family. "I have been paying a nanny more than I make for two years, and she sees my kids more than I do," Rosen said

"It's been grand," Rosen said. "I'm hoping to be able to do more ridiculous projects now that I won't have the store."

"All wedding cakes I have booked for 2013 will be completed by me personally at Delish, thanks to the generosity and support of Deb Clark," said Rosen, who expects to close the shop in March, absent a sale.

Inquiries about purchasing the business can be directed to Rosen at


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