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Photos: Cantonese and more Chinese delights abound at Wok & Roll

What makes "Chinese Chinese" different? It's in the details, dish offerings and flavor profiles. Here's some up-close glimpses of the Cantonese and other Chinese specialties at Wok & Roll, 5467 Sheridan Drive in Amherst. Read the review here.

Seven-day dim sum that's pretty good is the opener here, and the closer is a whole raft of dishes rarely available in the 716. (Also, Peking duck has been added to the menu, Maggie Wong told me, at about $16 the half duck, with pancakes and hoisin sauce.)

Mini juicy pork buns are the closest thing to soup dumplings around:


Shrimp and chive dumplings use garlic chives much like another cook might stuff a ravioli with spinach:


Curry fishballs are like fish hotdogs:


The cold tripe salad, scented with sesame and garlic, was more restrained than the version at Peking Quick One:


The casseroles are an interesting class of dishes. The bone-in chicken in this one makes eating it fiddly and a bit messy but the flavor is worth it.


Here, discs of rice pasta - "rice cakes" on the menu - are used for a more substantial stir-fried noodle dish. I've only seen that in Korean dishes before.


I dig pickles, and so do some Chinese cooks - here's a cabbage pickle stir-fry, 36, "beef with sour cabbage."


Here's the much beloved pork chops Peking style:


The piece de resistance was the whole lobster stir-fried in the shell with ginger and scallions. It's a special that you can call ahead and order. It's messy enough to eat that I had to go to the bathroom afterwards to wash my hands, a small price to pay. If you thrill to the taste of fresh lobster lightly accented, it might be worth it.



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