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Bacon and its imitators

The timing couldn't have been better. I'd just had a breakfast sandwich from Tim Hortons with their new, improved bacon on it. The new stuff, called Thick Cut Hickory Smoked Bacon in the company's ads,  provides much more taste and texture than the two-molecules-thick strips Tim's used to serve on its sandwiches. That bacon was more a whisper of a suggestion of a meat than an actual strip of bacon. So the new stuff is an improvement.

BaconThe morning bacon had been forgotten, though, by the time I arrived at work and noticed a suspiciously aromatic box on my desk. Inside was an array of bizarre bacon-inspired items, including a gift bag decorated with images of kind of fatty strips of bacon, some bacon-decorated gift wrap (in case you had an irregular-shaped gift that just wouldn't fit into the gift bag, I guess), a tin of "Uncle Oinky's Savory Bacon Mints," some bacon flavored toothpicks, because nothing is better after a plate of bacon than a bacon toothpick, and, best of all, a Funky Fresh bacon-scented air freshener in the shape of three strips of bacon.

Oh, and there was also a handsome Tim Hortons cutting board engraved with the words, "Bacon makes everything better!" a press release and a thumb drive with images. But who cares about that stuff?

Let me repeat: Uncle Oinky's Savory Bacon Mints! Bacon air freshener!

This made my day.

And it remind me of possibly my favorite video ever:


-- Anne Neville


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