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BuffaloEats interview: News restaurant critic grilled by Buffalo food blogger


After two years of saying no, I finally sat down with Donnie Burtless, who with his wife Alli Suriani runs, Western New York's premier restaurant blog.

Donnie started as a guy who liked french fries, and had something to say about that. Since then Alli and he have eaten in more than 400 restaurants, and offered readers original reports on 387 of them. Usually there are lovely color photographs too. Alli's a better writer, but Donnie can eat more, so it's a team effort. His brother Tom runs the soundboard for recording sessions.

They added recorded interviews - podcasts - with people in Western New York with something to say about food. The show, called "Eat it Up," recorded 68 episodes before mine, including a who's who of the Buffalo food world. And me.

On listening I sound a touch whiny, but that's the way it goes. I sat down with Mr. Burtless because the Buffalo Eats staff is offering hungry readers flavorful, unique intelligence on how to feed their appetites in Western New York. They are working for free, so this is straight-up payback.

Check it out.



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