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Comedian Marc Maron on Duff's wings, awe of Niagara Falls and Lafayette Hotel ghosts

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

Comedian Marc Maron stayed at the Lafayette Hotel while he did three nights at the Helium Comedy Club recently, and he got to sample real Buffalo food.

But he wasn't done with Buffalo.

See, Maron's other main gig is a popular podcast, essentially a long monologue followed by an interview, in this case with Iggy Pop. In the intro to its 400th edition,'s Kathleen Przybyla writes, Maron talks about going to Ted's, Anderson's, and more. He got beef on weck at "a slightly comforting, haunted house called Schwabl’s. Yes, since 1837, it wouldn’t kill them to update some of the decor, but the beef on the roll—awesome."

Three nights in town and he's already tired of the Anchor Bar versus Duff's debate. "I didn’t go to the Anchor Bar, but I went to Duff’s. I’m not going to get into an argument with anybody. Chicken wings are good, they’re fine, but the cat’s out of the bag. Anyone can get Frank’s Hot Sauce, but I enjoyed the wings."

To read more of Maron's sightings, including the junkie ghosts of the Lafayette Hotel, check out Przybyla's story here

To listen, go to Maron's site.




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