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First look at Tappo, Mike Andrzejewski's new casual Italian restaurant

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

Top Buffalo chef Mike Andrzejewski is opening his fourth restaurant by the end of next week*, call it June 21 maybe. It's called Tappo, and it's developer Rocco Termini's shot at the biggest audience in Buffalo dining: casual Italian addicts, the army of diners who launched a thousand red sauce joints. 

Tappo (338 Ellicott St., 259-8130) doesn't have a website yet apparently, but below is the opening menu. Loaded with $6-ish appetizers, $12-ish pastas and $15-ish specialties like braciole, eggplant parmesan and seasonal agnolotti, Andrzejewski aims to offer upgraded blue-collar classics. There'll also be specials drawn from seasonal produce and seafood, and regional specialties, he said.

It wouldn't be an Andrzejewski joint without a few wild cards for the high-flyers. Tappo will offer "White Truffled Pasta, $55."

The wine list will focus on bottles under $20, and folks can browse a wine rack to see what catches their eye. 

Download Tappo menu

* correction: an earlier version said this week




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