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Photos of grandmothers around the world cooking food of love - with recipes

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

As Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti traveled the world, he captured images of grandmothers with their most loving dishes. With adorable pictures and yes, the recipes, Galimberti's work glows with a transcendent universality: "Eat something," grandma said, "I made it for you."

As Arianna Rinaldo wrote on his site:

With the taste of his grandma‚Äôs ravioli in his mouth, Gabriele travelled around the world and, next to thousands of other adventures, turned into a curious and hungry grandson for the grannies of all the countries he visited.  Appealing to their natural cooking care and their inevitable pride in their best recipe, common factors to all grandmothers in the world, Gabriele persuaded them to do their best in the kitchen. This means moose stake in Alaska and caterpillars in Malawi, delicious, but ferociously hot, ten-spice-curry in India and sharks soup in the Philippines. 

Here's a selection laid out on a single page. For the recipes, you need the original site.





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