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Poster-worthy 'Taste of Buffalo Game' can help fine-tune your grazing strategy

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

Serious Taste of Buffalo freaks are already planning their strategy. Days ago they downloaded the 2013 Taste of Buffalo guide, or picked one up at Tops, and have annotated its pages with Post-Its and several shades of highlighter.

What's the most efficient route among the booths, factoring in the assistance of friends and loved ones to bring back selected edibles to the rendezvous point? There are so many important questions to hammer out that shouldn't be left to the last minute.

Does it make any sense to wait in line for the fried-fish taco glory that is Ms Goodie's Junkyard Dog (crispy fish, cole slaw, spicy sauce in fresh pita) and buy only one? So many important questions.

To whet your Taste appetite, we offer this snazzy mini-game, (PDF) which in my opinion is suitable for breaking out the color cartridge for your laser printer. Even if it might be a wee bit shallow in the gameplay department.

Buffalo News artist Daniel Zakroczemski fashioned a rollicking visual feast from the suggestions of Anne Neville, Evonne Austin and Jason Silverstein, and I. (Bruce Andriatch punched up some of the lines, as usual, except this time he's getting credit.)  

Check it out here.

(The full Buffalo News article, with the restaurant list and other helpful information, is here.)



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