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Photos: Flavors of Shanghai, Sichuan at Amherst's Miss Hot Cafe

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

Here's a pictorial guide to some of the dishes I got to explore at Miss Hot Cafe (3311 Sheridan Drive, Amherst, 832-3188,, the Chinese restaurant I reviewed in today's Buffalo News.

Here's "Big Dish" ($14.95):

Miss hot 026
This cauldron of Sichuan broth, assorted proteins, vegetables and noodles looks wickedly spicy, but if you ask for it mild it's no worse than a medium hot chicken wing.

Miss hot 025
This is the cold appetizer of ox tongue and tripe in chile oil ($7.25). Seriously hot, and seriously tasty.

Miss hot 030
Fish with sour cabbage, ordered “without soup” ($13.95) and its accompanying crullers.

Miss hot cafe 063
"Chicken in Chongqing Style" ($11.95) is chile-laced chopped chicken, fried once to set the coating then wok-fried with aromatics. The peanuts put it over the top. I didn't mention this delight in the review for lack of room.

Miss hot cafe 056
Marinated sliced beef ($7.95) is sweet braised beef shin with a smooth texture, aromatic with star anise and rich with gelatin. A terrific cooling dish to pair with fiery ones.

Miss hot cafe 044
Shanghai style smoked fish ($7.95) was sweet and faintly smoky, but all the little bones put me off.

Miss hot cafe 023

Here's the mushroom and chive buns ($2.75), puffy pan-fried sweet dough stuffed with savory vegetables.

Miss hot cafe 068
A summer dessert special, cold coconut soup with fresh mango and tapioca.

A Chinese restaurant with dessert. If you go on Saturday or Sunday, when you sit down ask if they still have the egg tarts.

Dinner 2 002

At $1.60 a throw, Miss Hot Cafe's egg tarts are homey, simple, sweet little custard pies. They're homely but the crust-filling ratio is just right.

Chef Guo Lin presents Barbecued Fish at Miss Hot Cafe

(Photo Charles Lewis / Buffalo News) 

Meet Chef Guo Lin, the head guy in the kitchen. I haven't had the pleasure of talking to him, but I strongly suspect somebody back there is classically trained. Check out the little delicate carrot flower on the left of the fish. There's also a cute little bunny fashioned out of a grape tomato that turns up perched on plates.

Post your own Miss Hot Cafe dishes to #misshotcafe on Twitter, where I am @buffalofood.


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