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Dug's Dive owner: Closing for winter a business decision

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

Restaurant group owner Tucker Curtin, whose places include The Steer, Lake Effect Diner and Woody's Beach Club, kept his waterfront place off Fuhrmann Boulevard, Dug's Dive, open last winter.

Not this one, though. We asked him why.

"Last winter was OK, we made people happy," he wrote. "Our labor and food costs were in line, but you have to work twice as hard to make half as much. We need to maximize and consolidate our human resources. We need to relax, hibernate and be patient."

In September, landowner Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority transferred the land to state control. Curtin said it's not clear who will own the property, or if working conditions will change substantially.

But he doesn't plan to close Dug's Dive. "We have a couple of seasons left on our lease, which we are committed to performing." It should reopen in March, he said.

He's looking to the future to shape long-term plans, Curtin said. "We need to see where Dug's fits into the master plan, and explore other opportunities that may arise in the rapidly changing waterfront."





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