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Poutine, mussels, pork belly and more: Larkin's Food Truck Tuesdays extended to Oct. 29

Photo of watermelon radish fried chicken salad at BrickNMotor by Alli Suriani - BuffaloEats
Photo by Alli Suriani /

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

If you have not been to Food Truck Tuesdays yet, look upon this picture, and be sad.

Last night at Larkin Square, you could have ordered a salad of warm fried chicken, watermelon radishes, kale, radicchio, pickled brown and black mustard seeds and creamy dill ranch dressing. For $8, or $4 a half order. From a truck. From Rochester.

The best-known of the 585's trucks, the Brick-N-Motor truck has made a lot of fans in Buffalo through its regular showings at Food Truck Tuesdays. 

Good news for the hungry: Food Truck Tuesdays has been extended through Oct. 29, according to Larkin's Leslie Zemsky.

Here's on the Brick-N-Motor menu, plus that of Le Petit Poutine, a Rochester poutine truck whose sausage gravy has left many awestruck. It has been at many Food Truck Tuesdays as well.

As is often the case, the people behind Brick-N-Motor have talked to Donnie Burtless about what they're up to.




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