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Shango Bistro chef eyes spring 2014 for new seafood-oyster place, Oshun

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

Jim Guarino, chef-owner of Shango Bistro, has reached into the voodoo pantheon to name the new seafood restaurant and oyster bar he plans to open at 5 E. Huron St.

Oshun, he’ll call it. “She’s the voodoo spirit of the sea and everything that lives in it,” he said. Guarino finished the lease paperwork with Iskalo on Friday, and hopes to have the place open in spring 2014.

The restaurant will feature an oyster bar and an open kitchen, Guarino said. “I wanted to make a departure from the food we do here,” he said, referring to Shango’s Cajun and Southern flavors. “Just focused on the best seafood we could get, not any regional cuisine.”

At 125 seats, it’ll be about 50 percent larger than Shango. Guarino said he has to figure out how to organize the kitchen as he embraces a build-your-own meal ethos aimed at getting diners to try different things.

“Not a menu where you’re walking into a $30 entrée, but portions people can try, and share,” he said. “I’m not exactly sure yet what that will look like. If you can offer appetizers for $10 people will take a shot at it.”

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