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Acapulco chef aims to bring Latin sophistication to Youngstown's Old Fort Inn restaurant

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

Chef Victor Parra Gonzalez, most recently of the Seneca Niagara Casino's culinary staff, has decided to put his money on Youngstown.

Two weeks ago he took over the Old Fort Inn's restaurant, renaming it Jaguar at the Bistro (110 Main St., Youngstown, 745-7141). Get all the details in today's restaurant news column.

He aims to offer Latin-inspired dishes with flair. But first he has to make it through the winter. Who says there's no legal gambling outside the casinos?

“I’m hoping that the people in Youngstown will support it and we’ll be able to create a destination,” he said. “It’s hard for somebody to get out to Youngstown, to dine at this restaurant where a dish will be flambéed at the table, or infused with a siphon, or have smoke to it. People don’t know it yet, but that’s the type of things that are coming.”

Here's the most recent menu:

Download November 15 menu2 jaguar at the bistro



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