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Macaroni and cheese truck hits Buffalo streets - and it's pretty darn cute

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

Buffalo's curbside dining scene has been enriched with the arrival of a macaroni and cheese specialist, news that has lit up quite a few faces. Winter's coming, and if you're going to stand on an icy sidewalk eating, macaroni and cheese would be a contender.

It's run by Nichols grad Falynn Koch, who sold her house in Savannah, Ga., and moved back to Buffalo to open it. Here's the story in today's restaurant column.

I haven't tasted the food at FallyMac, but the menu covers everybody for $4-$8, right down to vegan gluten-free. Plus FallyMac has got the cutest graphics I've seen on a Buffalo food truck. Call me shallow, but I like a little eye candy while I'm standing there wondering if waiting is worth it.

Here's a photo tweeted by @FallyMac716

Fallymac by fallymac

Here's another view that was tweeted by @BuffaloJill

FallyMac truck by @buffalojill

(Photo by @BuffaloJill)


Turns out Koch has a background in graphic arts, used to draw comic books and such, and has similarly talented friends of the artist persuasion. Tait Howard is the fellow who came up with those.

After its next date Friday night at the Globe Market on Hertel, Koch said, FallyMac should be outside Acropolis on Elmwood Saturday night late, and for lunch at First Niagara Center on Tuesday, Nov. 19.



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