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Homestyle bacon appetizer at Grand Island's Riverstone Grill restaurant worth the trip?

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

How far would I drive for this bacon?

Riverstone grill 011

That's what I was wondering while I was chewing on slabs of the Jim-Beam-and-molasses-brined bacon that Chaz Bulera makes at Riverstone Grill, his Grand Island restaurant, which I reviewed in today's Buffalo News.

He sells it for $6. Even factoring in the bridge toll, that's a nice price for stuff he smoked himself with applewood. Then fried and baked until it reaches the crispy-chewy peak, poised between sweet meat and salty candy. You don't even have to dunk it in the Crown Royal maple butter. More than once. For science.

I don't know Bulera well, having only eaten his food once, and never met him in person. But I have met his bacon, and it has the Willy Wonka touch.




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