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Dinosaur Bar-B-Que taking staff applications Saturday for February opening

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

For Dinosaur Bar-B-Que fans, Samantha Maziarz Christmann's story in today's Buffalo News has good news: The restaurant at 301 Franklin St. starts its hiring process Saturday.

And bad: Construction delays have pushed the expected opening to February.

The Southern-style barbecue restaurant and biker bar is scheduled to open in February at 301 Franklin, south of West Tupper Street. The opening has been delayed several times, something the company blamed on unexpected construction delays.

In removing the facade of the building, for example, workers uncovered a bas-relief globe adorning the front.

“What are we going to do? Get rid of it? No way. It’s too cool. And Dinosaur is all about the cool,” [Dinosaur spokesman Bob] Baker said.

Workers took time incorporating that and other discoveries into the restaurant’s design.

Read the update on construction and hints about new menu items here.



Mike A's truffle dinner canceled; may be rescheduled for January

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

The 10-course truffle feast set for Sunday at Mike A’s at the Lafayette has been canceled because of problems obtaining the key ingredients.

Chef Mike Andrzejewski said he learned late last night that he would not be able to get the prized white Italian and black French truffles the night’s menu was to highlight. The dinner would have also featured the work of Steve and Ellen Gedra of Bistro Europa.

Andrzejewski offered his apologies. If he can obtain the right truffles, he said, the dinner may be rescheduled for January.


Correction: Truffle extravaganza dinner at Mike A's is Sunday

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

Today's restaurant news column gave the wrong date for the 10-course truffle dinner to be held at Mike A's at the Lafayette. It's scheduled for Sunday.

Here's the corrected item:

The sirens of excess, in this case top Buffalo chefs Mike Andrzewski and Steve and Ellen Gedra, will throw a dinner to remember on Dec. 8.

The guest of honor at the Mike A’s at the Lafayette table that night will be the white truffles of Italy and the black ones of Perigord, France. The prized fungi will perfume 10 or more courses from the chefs, who have done this before. The word after that event was: if you love truffles, it was worth eating beans and rice for a month to save up for the splurge.

It’s $195 per person, before tax or tip. It doesn’t include alcohol, either, but Mike A’s will be well equipped to slake your thirst, Andrzejewski said. Call 253-6453 for reservations, credit card reqired.

In other Andrzejewski news, his family Italian place, Tappo (338 Ellicott St., 259-8130) will be open for lunch starting Dec. 10.

Read the rest of the column, including news from D'Avolio, The Lodge, La Galera and more, here.  


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