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Lockport pigs among guests of honor at pork-centered NYC foodie event

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

Cochon 555 is an all-day porkapalooza of an event, where five chefs are given one heritage breed pig each, and the time to turn them into five dishes apiece. Then their efforts are judged by a panel and devoured by a crowd of hundreds of hardcore pork aficionados. 

Among the starring swine at the Jan. 26 event in Battery Park will be two animals raised at T-Meadow Farm in Lockport. Owner Rich Tilyou said a Tamworth will be used by David Standridge of Market Table in his competition entry. Another pig, a Gloucester Old Spot, will be used in a butchering demonstration by Sara Bigelow of The Meat Hook, a Brooklyn butcher shop that specializes in locally raised meat.

"Cochon called us looking for Gloucester Old Spot," Tilyou said. He plans to delivering that pig himself, tomorrow.

At least he has a chance of getting in. The event is sold out, at $125 and $200 a head.



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