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Merge restaurant takes national honors for vegan 'chicken' wings

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

In the run-up to the Super Bowl, one of the most massive, all-American, all-consuming spectacles of chicken wings ever, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals would like eaters to drop the drumette.

In furtherance of that goal, PETA has issued a press release proclaiming the Top 10 chicken-free chicken wings in the nation, featuring the vegan Frank’s Hot sauced “wings” at Buffalo’s Merge (439 Delaware Ave.,, 842-0600)  as No. 2.

(The top spot went to a Chicago Diner, a diner in Chicago that’s been “meat-free since ‘83.” Vegan diner. Hmmm.)

In both of the top two dishes, what replaced the meat? Could it be: seitan? Yes it was, wheat gluten, seasoned and sliced and fried before getting the cayenne and vinegar laced sauce.  

As it turns out I’ve long been a fan, writing about their seitan wings in December 2012. They're still just $7.

Merge offers lots of vegetarian and vegan options, but they can’t make everybody happy: there’s no way to make them gluten-free.



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