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Black Market Food Truck, voted best in Buffalo, dishes up gourmet lunch at curbside

Black market food truck lunch 018

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

When the local food truck guide asked readers to vote for the year's best trucks, more than 3,000 people chimed in, and the winner was the Black Market Food Truck.

The other day the Black Market Food Truck parked next to First Niagara Center, and intrepid reporter Ben Tsujimoto sallied forth into the storm to perform lunch sherpa duties.

He brought back a pork banh mi ($8), a spicy mortadella sandwich ($9), mirca gosht ($5), which is lamb chili with Indian spices, and a dish of gnocchi in miso-chile butter ($8).

For how it went down, check out the photos and details after the jump:

The mortadella sandwich was a staggeringly satisfying sandwich all by its lonesome, housemade Italian bologna studded with pistachios and peppercorns, cut thick, triple stacked and topped with caramelized onions between crusty bread stout enough to handle the load. 

Then it came with an Alfredo dipping sauce for over-the-top funky-cheesy-creamy gonna-kill-me-but-I-don't-care-no-more moments. 

Black market food truck lunch 020


Yeah. This sandwich will swagger up and smack the bland right outta your mouth. A $9 sandwich that's actually worth it.

One more, just for the whole cloves of sweet-cooked garlic amid the caramelized onions:

Black market food truck lunch 006

The banh mi, the truck's version of the classic Vietnamese sub, was an excellent sandwich that's still short of a classic banh mi.

Black market food truck lunch 013

The fillings of pork and pickled vegetable were darn tasty but too wet. The bread was fresh but too tough. The combination sent filling squishing out with each bite. Because it was so tasty, all the escapees were coralled and devoured.

The lamb chili was excellent, a punch of Indian spices and lick of heat combining with the lamb flavor for a satisfying bowl of warm-me-up that made me wonder why I've never had lamb chili before.

Black market food truck lunch 017


The gnocchi in miso-chile butter had bacon, but it was still the weakest dish. Kudos for ambition, and a good saute to brown the outsides, before applying scallions and bacon and nuts.

Black market food truck lunch 014

Not so good: A couple of the fatter dumplings weren't cooked all the way through, and the miso-chile flavor was puzzlingly faint.

All in all, though, I could see why this food truck cut to the head of the line. Look for Black Market Food Truck and others on the streets of Buffalo. The trucks that are out there in February need your love now more than ever. If you ignore them, they'll go away.



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