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Nothing says 'I love you' like hard alcohol: Lockhouse vodka sale tomorrow

by Andrew Z. Galarneau

If you miss Brezhnev-era Moscow you should love Buffalo, where lining up for vodka has become a thing people do on a Saturday afternoon.*

There are 600 more bottles of Buffalo's own Lockhouse Distillery vodka going on sale at noon tomorrow. The line could be two hours long. At two $35 bottles per person, the vodka will probably run out before the line does. 

That's OK. It's a Buffalo thing now, generating coverage like this and like this, titled "Lockhouse Distillery Is the Coolest Damn Thing in Buffalo Right Now."

It's such a thing that it gets its own food truck: the Black Market Food Truck, recently voted Buffalo's best, will be on hand at 255 Great Arrow Avenue, No. 31, to feed the masses.

* I am reliably informed by multiple alert readers that although one did have to queue for toilet paper, one did not in fact have to line up for vodka. I stand corrected.




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