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On Hertel Avenue, Fiamma restaurant reborn as BOSS, with renovated rooms and lower-priced menu

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

The former Fiamma luxe steakhouse on Hertel Avenue has been reborn as BOSS, Buffalo’s Original Steak and Seafood.

It opened Feb. 13. Changes run deeper than the name and new gas torches outside, said Michael Vaccaro, now sole owner of BOSS (1735 Hertel Ave., 551-6499) and Bambino, 297 Franklin St.

The restaurant has been gutted and updated, Vaccaro said, the upstairs space has been renovated to make it cozier. The steak and seafood dominated menu has been brought down a notch in price, and now the $20-$45 entrees come with a side dish.

“Fiamma did very well back in its day,” Vaccaro said. “But it kind of lost its touch when it opened and closed, opened and closed. So I just felt like it needed a facelift.”



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