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Restaurant horrors Part 1: The salad plate pyramid of doom

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

We've all had the restaurant horrors. Sitting at a table waiting for a plate of food, minding our own business, when an innocent glance falls upon something we cannot unsee.

We wish we could. We want to enjoy our meal, being carried to us by the same people who did the thing-we-can't-look-away-from. You can almost hear Anthony Bourdain say it: that's part of the food-handling process they let you see.

Well, these days people will take pictures, not just suffer silently. Here's one from a recent group meal served in Amherst.

Salad Law Violation Part I

I'm not going to name the place, because the point isn't shaming a server. The point is: this should never happen.

(Too subtle? Because the bottoms of the plates could carry germs, so they should not be in someone's lettuce.)

Chance that someone will actually get sick from that? Tiny, but health codes and food service rules are designed to protect everyone all the time.

Chance seeing that would have doomed my appetite? 100 percent. Then again, I'm the sensitive type.

If you see a restaurant horror, on your plate or off it, send me a photo at for possible publication.




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