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Bistro Europa closing March 31, to get ready for new Connecticut Street restaurant

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

One of the hardest tables to get in Buffalo just got a lot harder.

Steven and Ellen Gedra have announced that they are closing Bistro Europa (484 Elmwood Ave.,, 884-1100) after dinner March 31.

The Gedras will turn all their attention to finishing their new place, at 367 Connecticut St. Renovations have been underway on the former Golden Key Tavern. It’s expected to open this summer.

In case you are unaware why anyone would care, here's the dinner menu for March 4, with 28 days remaining before it goes dark. I mean, feijoada, for Pete's sake.


House-Cured Charcuterie & Salumi- lardo spuma, pork liver pate, speck,  culatello, duck rillette, pancetta

1 for 43 for 12, 4 for 15, 6 or 21

Nickel City Cheese Board- humboldt fog (goat, CA), Neals Yard Stichelton (Raw cow, UK), cantal (Raw cow, France)  16

Soup – black bean and escarole sm 4 lg 5

Pierogi- chorizo, onion, rutabaga – 3 for 8 or 6 for 15

Ellen’s Bread Basket- rye, sourdough, pretzel bun  burro di chianti, evoo        6

Local Beets 5 Ways- mousse, tartare, roasted, pickled, Carpaccio, pistachios, goat cheese truffle     10

Winterberry and citrus salad – honey vinaigrette, almonds, greens    9

T-Meadow Pork Taco – confit pig head, house smoked chorizo, queso fresco, salsa roja   6

Pork Skin Fritters – aioli, sweet and sour cabbage    8

BBQ Pork Flank Steak – Indian spiced dates and kohlrabi pickles, cannellini beans  10

House Made Liverwurst – beer & onion jam, parsley and pickled horseradish salad, toast  9

Fermented Black bean Ribs – spicy soy pickles, sesame pancake  12

Duck confit Pizzetta – Oles’ egg, spinach, pancetta  ½ for 7 whole for 15

Squid and chorizo Fideos- piquillo saffron broth   14

FeijoadaBrazilian hot pepper sauce, rice pilaf,  sm 12/ lg 20

House-made Gnocchi –tesa, turnip, turnip greens, carrot rutabaga puree  sm 10/ lg 17

T-Meadow Pork Chop – crispy smashed potatoes, root vegetable puree, braised cabbage  26


Desserts  7

Sticky Toffee Pudding- whipped cream

Earl Grey Ganache- tea cream, madeleines   

Banana cake - maple pastry cream, maple candied walnuts, tangerine curd 





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