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Buffalo restaurant gets pig roaster out to lure Thursday basketball break crowd

Pasta at osteria 166

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

If you happened to run a restaurant located within a block or two of six hotels in downtown Buffalo, and you wanted to attract attention from hungry diners, you could try a number of things.

You could buy advertising, which might reach the eyes of hotel guests, or not. You could rent a searchlight rig to swivel the night away in front of your place like a movie premiere, but that does nothing for the daylight crowds in town for the big event.

Or, you could roast a pig on a spit outside your place, letting its aroma waft through the neighborhood to tickle the fancy of hungry carnivores. 

That's what Nick Pitillo, who runs Osteria 166 (166 Franklin St., 858-3118) with his wife Kendra, is doing tomorrow. Then he's serving roasted local pork seasoned with Italian spices - garlic, fennel, rosemary - as the centerpiece of a 4:30 p.m. buffet aimed at basketball fans looking for a break.

There's also a pig Friday, and Saturday. The Saturday break time hasn't been set yet, but whenever it is, a pig will be waiting, Pitillo said. The buffet is Thursday and Saturday breaks only.

For $20 it's roast pork, flatiron pizzas, salads, antipasti, house pastas, etc. The sweet pork breeze? That's free.




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