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From sponge candy to Charlie Chaplins, Buffalo's candy culture celebrated in Saveur magazine

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

I mentioned last month that Saveur magazine writers Michael and Jane Stern wrote an article extolling Buffalo's confectioners. It's finally online.

"Buffalo's signature sweet is itself a European import: sponge candy a bite-size block of nearly weightless golden spun sugar enveloped in milk or dark chocolate," they wrote. "But that is just the beginning. In Buffalo, chocolatiers concoct their own marshmallow sauce, understand the nuances of caramel, and temper cocoa butter to a luxurious smoothness. Best of all, several sweets shops also churn out their own ice cream, serving elaborate sundaes and shakes."

You can read the whole story here.

The piece specifically mentions Alethea's, King Condrell's, Mike's, Nick Charlap's, and Sweet's on the Hill. 



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