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How's this for a Buffalo cabin fever cure: beer, burritos and free live Irish bands

Lloyd's El Gordo gets the green sauce

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

The Lloyd taco truck's El Gordo burrito will be sportin' a bit o' the green tonight at Larkinville.

That's chimi sauce being loving applied in that photograph above, and yes those are tender-crispy cubes of pork, but that's one of 100 flavors on offer tonight. A fleet of 19 food trucks, most kept from selling their wares during Polar Vortex 2: Thundersnow, will be looking to do business as the St. Patrick's Day weekend heats up. 

There will be music, from the likes of McCarthyizm, Crikwater and the Greater Buffalo Firefighters Pipes & Drums. The beer and the food you'll have to buy, but the experience is free. If that don't get you out of your igloo, what will?

It's 5 to 8 p.m. Friday at 745 Seneca St. Details here.

If you get bored you can always look across Swan Street and imagine a night of shuffleboard and experimental beer in the Hydraulic Hearth beer garden this summer.



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