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Lent is here: Enjoy the ultimate WNY community fish fry guide

Fish fry the buffalo news

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

Sure, you can get the classic Buffalo fish fry year-round, in restaurants. During Lent, you can turn buying deep-fried seafood into a good deed. (Whether its karma erases cholesterol depends on the fine print of your personal faith.)

At some point in Western New York history, restaurants weren't enough. During the period of abstinence observant Roman Catholics and other Christians observe before Easter, the demand for fried fish dinners outstripped restaurants' supply. And the community fish fry became popular.

You could say it still is, as a fundraising source for small community groups and churches. Here's a list of 62, from Elks Lodge No. 491, 209 W. State St., Olean (down by the Pennsylvania border) to St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 2239 W. Creek Road, Burt (where you can see Toronto on a clear day).

Check it out.





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