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Pork-and-pineapple tacos land at Agave restaurant, Elmwood Avenue's new Mexican spot

Agave 020

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

Stopped by the new Agave (765 Elmwood Ave., 887-2933) for lunch the other day, seeking some of those authentic Mexican tacos that owner Sergio Mucino was talking about.

I found a menu that's about 95 percent the same as Don Tequila, his Allen Street spot. The differences I noticed were posole and menudo ($8.99, weekends only) and tacos, in al pastor, chicken, asada and carnitas flavors. They're $11.99 for three, with a side of rice and beans.

The al pastor featured tender pork cubes in a flavorful but not particularly spicy sauce, with fat pineapple chunks. It was lovely, and I would go back for that chile-fruit flavor alone.

The carnitas, below, was satisfying, pork that had been cooked long enough to turn tender and sweet, browned a bit on a griddle. Plain, though. The fresh pico de gallo rounded it out for a delicious bite.

Agave 022

The asada, below, was chewy chopped beefsteak. I wished it was al pastor.

Agave 021

It's a decent $12 lunch with recent refried beans and rice. If you know another place in Buffalo serving al pastor, or happen to try the posole or menudo this weekend, please do let me know what you think, via email or Twitter at @buffalofood.

Next time I'm getting the huevos con chorizo ($7.75) for lunch.

I hope Agave feels like it can get even further away from the gringo Mexican. Time will tell.

The tacos show up this way:

Agave 015

... with rice and beans like so:

Agave 014

... and here's a glimpse of the Agave menu, 765 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo NY:

Agave 002

Agave 003

Agave 004

Agave 005

Agave 006




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