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Can't miss dishes: Tomato bisque, crispy chicken ingot and bacon ice cream at The Lodge

Heirloom tomato bisque at The Lodge

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

If you're going to eat on the Chippewa strip, you should know that The Lodge has a menu to be reckoned with. Here's my review in today's Buffalo News. You can get fancy-schmancy $8 cocktails everywhere, but at The Lodge (79 West Chippewa St., 256-1940), $7 buys bacon lovers a moment of bliss.

Here's three dishes I enjoyed there recently that I would recommend without hesitation:

1. The heirloom tomato bisque, above. It delivers toasty tomato flavor with comforting richness, recalling the best part of a Saturday afternoon toasted-cheese-and-tomato-soup combo with each spoonful. For $6. 

Free range chicken with crispy chicken ingot at The Lodge

2. The chicken entree named "Hunter's Giannone Chicken," above, is anything but rustic. It's premium chicken treated with a great deal of care. That rectangular golden-topped brick at left center is an ingot of confit chicken that's been pressed into a bed of chicken skin and then cooked so the top crackles when your fork hits. The rest of the chicken isn't bad either, tender meat and crisp skin. The mustard greens and cheesy polenta filled out the plate with gusto. For $20.

Bacon ice cream with housemade S'more at The Lodge

3. Bacon ice cream with house-made S'more. It was the bite that makes me want to go back. Chef Todd Lesakowski, who is responsible for these dishes, said he cuts the rind off the house-smoked bacon and infuses it in heavy cream. Then uses that to make the ice cream base. The result may result in some spoonfighting, so consider getting two. Oh and the S'more with house-made marshmallow is no letdown, with crunchy Graham cracker base that's torched to a fare-thee-well. For $7.



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