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Upgraded Clinton's Dish menu brings street food with flair to Canalside, with breakfast next

Clinton's dish ice cream

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

Clinton’s Dish, the Canalside food shack, plans to open Thursday with an upgraded lunch and dinner menu, with breakfast and beer on the way.

The ambitious street-food menu includes an obligatory cheeseburger and a sausage bomber, but also a grilled tofu banh mi, curried lentil fritters, and hand-cut fries.

The breezy proximity to the Buffalo waterfront remains the same.

“We want people to be able to expect more than a hot dog,” said from Chef Kate Elliott, the Global Spectrum chef in charge of the overhaul. Prices top out at the $8.50 cheeseburger.

Breakfast starts June 9, with egg sandwiches, scones, and perhaps other baked goods, including some from Delish on Amherst Street. Free coffee being served for the first month, Elliott said. It’ll be from the Golden Cup roastery on Jefferson Avenue.

“We’re going to feel it out,” Elliott said. There’s also six beer lines being added later this summer. There’ll be beer for sale every day, not just during concerts.

One concert-day addition will be a food truck and vendor corral, with 10 to 15 vendors adding their street food wares to the culinary mix. There will be a different mix of trucks, trailers and pizza ovens each night in a sort of food court, Elliott said. That will be in effect for the Thursday concert series and four paid concerts, she said.

“People will have more choices than ever down at Canalside,” Elliott said.

Here's the menu:




*bleu cheese blend, franks aioli


*roasted peppers and onions, pretzel roll, add cheese .75


*roasted plum bbq, pickled vegetables, baguette


*fresh tom, red onion, feta, honey-oregano vinaigrette, wheat wrap


*minted raita, pickled vegetables, naan


*tomato relish, pumpernickel aioli, salted costanzo roll


*fresh arugula, white cheddar, loganberry mayo


*pat lafrieda short rib/sirloin blend, your way


SWEET POTATO FRIES (honey and butter) 3.5

HAND CUT FRIES (3 aioli) 3.0


Above: Getting ice cream at Clinton's Dish.

Photo: Derek Gee / The Buffalo News


Can't miss dishes: Barbacoa taco, watermelon margarita, goat's-milk-caramel flan at Youngstown's Jaguar

Barbacoa taco at Jaguar at the Bistro, Youngstown

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

Here's three things I wouldn't miss at Jaguar at the Bistro (110 Main St., Youngstown, 745-7141), which I reviewed in today's Buffalo News.

Above is the beef barbacoa taco, chile-braised beef on a house-made corn tortilla. While $9 is a outrageous price for a taco truck taco, this was fine dining. What's outrageous was the flavor. I wished I had a plate of this instead of my pibil pork entree.

Check out pictures and details on rest of the dishes I enjoyed, plus a full run-through of my meal, after the jump. These perfect churros didn't even make my short list.

Churros and ice cream at Jaguar at the Bistro, Youngstown-001

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Kabab & Curry restaurant moving into former Hirsch's on Main Street in Clarence

Rava masala and masala dosas at kabab & curry

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

After more than a decade on Transit Road, Kabab & Curry is moving to 8445 Main St., formerly Hirsch's.

Last day of meals at the old place is May 18, this Sunday. Hopefully the new place will be serving food by May 29, said manager Ansar Khan. The new place will seat about 200 with the patio open, about 155 inside. That's bigger than the old place and will allow for more on-site banquets, Khan said.

The menu is being redone, with a turn towards the casual side that fits better with the new space, he said.

Kabab & Curry opened in April 2001, a few months before the September 11 terrorist attacks. That made it even harder than usual to convince Amherst residents to try Pakistani-Indian cuisine, making its first year in business tougher than the usual rookie year.

But the family restaurant, now led by Ansar's father Tahir Khan, earned loyal customers and thrived. It's been turning out curries, kababs, buffets and dosas for 13 years. (Above, the rava masala dosa in front, masala dosa in back, with tomato and coconut chutney and sambar soup.)

(Photo: The Buffalo News / Mark Mulville)


BuffaloEats: Guinness wings, shepherd's pie and more at Williamsville's The Irishman Pub

Guinness wings at The Irishman by BuffaloEats

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

Partly motivated by a gift certificate, Donnie and Alli stopped at The Irishman Pub (5601 Main St., Williamsville, 626-2670) for dinner. Here's their take on the Guinness wings, shepherd's pie, and more at the Main Street eatery, which expanded recently.  



Freddy J's BBQ now serving red velvet waffles and chicken on Connecticut St., too

Freddy J with red velvet waffles and chicken

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

Freddy J’s BBQ has opened a second location, at 402 Connecticut St.

Fred Daniel, chef-owner, was fed up with turning people away for Sunday brunch at his 12-seat place at 195 Grant St. So he added a Connecticut Street location, serving breakfast and lunch Sunday to Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in a 40-seat room.

Now he's got two places serving up his favorite, red velvet waffles and chicken.


The plan is to get a liquor license on Connecticut Street and make that a dinner spot too, Daniel said. His Grant Street location remains open, Thursday to Sunday from noon to 8 p.m.

Photo: Freddy J's BBQ



HandleBar, a bicycle-centric restaurant, opening at The HUB on Swan Street this summer

149 Swan St. 2 Cantillon

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

HandleBar, a restaurant offering rustic fare and craft beer in a bicycle-centric atmosphere, is planned for The HUB development on Swan Street.

The building it’s in will hold a mix of apartments and bicycle-friendly retail. That includes a 35-seat restaurant with a full bar on the first floor, at 149 Swan St. It’ll be run by Sarah Schneider, an owner of Merge, and Evan Thompson, a Buffalo schoolteacher.

The plan is to have the doors open by the end of July with an official opening in August, Schneider said. There will be lunch and dinner, a selection of smoothies, craft beer and cocktails. The menu won’t be all vegan, but “definitely has a very rooted feel to it,” she said.


It's 'Ramps Gone Wild' weekend on restaurant menus, from roadside eats to elegant fine dining

Ramp crusted blue nose bass with fiddleheads at Tabree-001
Ramp crusted blue nose bass with fiddleheads at Tabree. Dish and photo by Bruce Wieszala.

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

Most springs, ramps poke their leafy green heads above ground for about three weeks. Ramp hunters head into the woods with dirt tools and bags they hope to stuff with the wild leeks.

The ramp posse includes a few chefs hunting their own, for professional purposes. Those chefs will use dozens of ingredients in every night’s dinner service. Practically all of it was dropped off at the restaurant’s back door by a truck. Ramps are different. Ramps are personal.

“They’re the spring-into-spring ingredient,” said Dino DeBell of Coles. “The aroma of garlic, it tastes like sweet onion, and cooks up like spinach," he said. “They’re just such a treat.”

Here’s a few dishes Buffalo diners can experience this weekend, from white-tablecloth fine dining to tavern chow and even roadside, at the Whole Hog food truck.

Above is Tabree’s elegant ramp-crusted blue nose bass, with ramp citrus risotto, wild fiddleheads (also foraged by Chef Bruce Wieszala), and shellfish broth (4610 Main St., Snyder, 844-8477). Pickled ramps will be featured on the house-made charcuterie board.

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Honey's working on opening restaurant in former Fuddruckers building in Amherst

Fuddruckers 4300 maple rd amherst

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

Honey's, family restaurant group that started in Niagara Falls and added an outpost at the Boulevard Mall, has obtained a permit to work on the building at 4300 Maple Road, Amherst.

The building was formerly occupied by Fuddruckers, the burger-centric family restaurant chain. 

The Town of Amherst issued the permit on May 6, said Rod Cameron, supervising code enforcement officer. Restaurant representatives have not indicated when it plans to open, he said.

Fuddruckers opened on the site in 1986. It closed for several months and reopened in February 2003 under different ownership, and closed again in 2011.

Above: Fuddruckers in 2003. Photo The Buffalo News.


Can't miss dishes: Tomato bisque, crispy chicken ingot and bacon ice cream at The Lodge

Heirloom tomato bisque at The Lodge

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

If you're going to eat on the Chippewa strip, you should know that The Lodge has a menu to be reckoned with. Here's my review in today's Buffalo News. You can get fancy-schmancy $8 cocktails everywhere, but at The Lodge (79 West Chippewa St., 256-1940), $7 buys bacon lovers a moment of bliss.

Here's three dishes I enjoyed there recently that I would recommend without hesitation:

1. The heirloom tomato bisque, above. It delivers toasty tomato flavor with comforting richness, recalling the best part of a Saturday afternoon toasted-cheese-and-tomato-soup combo with each spoonful. For $6. 

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Chew over the challenges, opportunities of Buffalo's growing brewery scene at Burchfield-Penney today

Ethan cox at community beer works

By Andrew Z. Galarneau

Ethan Cox has been preaching the gospel of "embeering Buffalo" for so long, it's finally starting to happen.

This afternoon Cox and other luminaries of the Buffalo brewing scene, including Tim Herzog, the ur-brewer of Buffalo's new age of brewing, will discuss the opportunities and challenges of Buffalo's growing craft beer sector on stage at the Burchfield Penney Art Center, 1300 Elmwood Ave. 

The other panelists will be Ted Hawley, a Batavia fellow who is trying to start a Western New York malt operation, and Dan Robinson, the craft import beer manager at Try-It Distributing. The talk will be moderated by KegWorks chief Tom McManus.

The panel discussion is from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. From 5 to 7 p.m.? FREE BEER. Ahem. "Beer tasting."


Photo: Sharon Cantillon / The Buffalo News


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