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Not everyone mourns the loss of silver maples

The beloved oaks, the towering pines. They survived the October Surprise, to the relief of many.

The silver maples?  They did not fare so well. More than a thousand are on the city's list of damaged trees.

But it's not only Mother Nature beating up on the common-place shade tree.

It doesn't seem to get much sympathy from many of us.

Area residents interviewed by The Buffalo News in recent days mourned the loss of willows and Kwanzan cherry trees. But in Snyder, residents seem sad over the loss of the tall silver maples that formed a canopy over their streets.

They might be the exceptions. From South Buffalo to the East Side, few shed a tear over any silver maple coming down, especially if it stood in front of their home.

Click here for a detailed look at the tree damage.

Homeowners offered a litany of complaints aboaut the fast-growing silver maples: Buckled sidewalks. Ruined sewers. Branches constantly falling off.

Good riddance, most say.

"I won't miss it," said Jeanette Putman of Phyllis Avenue.

"You get tired of raking," said Donald Collins, her neighbor.

Add your comments on the silver maples below.

--Pat Lakamp

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