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Finding their brother

   Imagine having a troubled brother, and losing touch with him for a period of years.

   And then imagine picking up The Buffalo News one morning, and finding out that your brother has been living in a hole in the ground.

   That's essentially what happened to siblings of Clarence O. Rounds, Buffalo's bunker man.

   One of Rounds' three sisters contacted The News after reading about Rounds and his unusual lifestyle in Friday's paper. Initially, she was enraged at the newspaper for writing about Rounds, saying her brother should have been left alone.

   But later, she said she was grateful for the story, because it put her and other family members back in touch with their long-lost brother. She and another sister have already taken Rounds food and other needed items, and they plan to keep closer contact with him in the future.

   They also plan to try to persuade him to move to a safer, more conventional home. Whether Rounds will agree to that, at this point, is anyone's guess.

--Dan Herbeck


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