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High-profile realtor's unpaid tax bills

   It turns out that Matthew Quagliano, the Hunt real estate agent whose signs pepper North Buffalo, not only did not pay his state income taxes … he was indicted on two felonies last week in Albany for failing to pay $20,750 … he also failed to file his federal income taxes as well.

   A story in today's Buffalo News shows that Quagliano failed to pay federal taxes for all but one year from 1996 to 2005. He owes the Internal Revenue Service $365,946.

   Or he owed that until late last year, according to his attorney, who said Quagliano settled his IRS debt. The payment is not yet reflected at the Erie County Clerk's office.

   Quagliano is not commenting, on the advice of his two attorneys, Joel L. Daniels and Michael P. Joy. Both, when asked why he failed to pay his taxes, said he was very busy, that he works long hours.

   Is that an excuse for not paying taxes?

   -- Michael Beebe

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