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Is there a slot for Moxie Mania?

Play-O-Matic, an Atlanta amusement company, has picked Buffalo as headquarters for its pitch to bring Moxie Mania video games to New York State, showing the game to city officials and legal counsel for the State Liquor Authority The SLA would have to approve them before they go into bars and taverns.

The company won't describe the game, but officials in Ohio say it sounds an awful lot like Tic Tac Fruit. That's the Play-O-Matic electronic game that flourished in Ohio for three years before the legislature and governor outlawed them as slot machines.

Moxie Mania is no slot machine, Play-O-Matic officials say. But then, they said Tic Tac Fruit was not one either. And the pay off for Tic Tac Fruit, by the way, was less than Las Vegas slot machines.

Whether it's a game of skill, as the company contends, or a game of chance, as Ohio argued, does it make any difference? Should they be allowed in bars? 

   - Michael Beebe


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