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Women in the military deal with psychological injuries

   The U.S. military is slow to change.

   We're not talking about why it took so long for the commander-in-chief and top brass to change gears and implement an improved strategy in Iraq … the troop surge.

   What we're talking about here is sexual violence against women in the military. It's a well established fact that it happens more often than those outside the military realize.

   Policymakers in Washington have been pressuring the Pentagon for years to change the culture in which it is allowed to happen.

   And there has been some success. The Buffalo VA has opened a special residential unit in Batavia that treats women veterans suffering from the psychological harm caused by sexual assault.

   But complicating the treatment for women in uniform is the fact that more and more of them are now experiencing combat-related psychological injuries as well. So, in a sense, we are talking about Iraq and a lack of respect for women.

-- Lou Michel   

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