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"Troopergate" still dogging Spitzer

Nearly two weeks after Eliot Spitzer resigned from office amid a tawdry, embarrassing call girl scandal, another controversy that was dogging the governor has yet to disappear.

Dubbed Troopergate, Spitzer was accused of using the State Police to spy on his arch-rival, State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, and his use of state aircraft to go to political events. The allegations over the smear campaign got even messier as Spitzer denied his involvement in the political plot against Bruno and one of Spitzer's aides testified otherwise.

The Albany County District Attorney and the state Attorney General have both said there's no need to pursue criminal charges against Spitzer since he's gone.

But some, Republicans and Democrats alike, say it shouldn't be swept under the rug.

What do you think? Has Spitzer paid enough of a price over his call girl scandal? Should investigations continue? Should he face criminal charges or have to pay civil fines if found guilty?

-Maki Becker


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